Anago in the Edo-mae (old Tokyo) style
We prepare top-quality anago (conger eel) for all our customers.

Nihonbashi Tamai was founded as a specialty anago (conger eel) restaurant that aims to provide dishes prepared with traditional ingredients in the Edo-mae (old Tokyo) style. Our anago are from the shores of Japan, and we purchase them from the best location according to the season. Our skilled chefs are dedicated to bringing out the delicious flavor of anago every single day, giving our customers a taste of traditional Edo culture.
We deeply appreciate your kind patronage of our restaurant.

Nihonbashi Tamai
Anago (conger eel) specialty restaurant

The skill of Edo-mae sushi masters

It is said that sushi restaurants can be graded according to the quality of their anago (conger eel). Nihonbashi Tamai was founded by skilled Edo-mae sushi chefs. All the dishes we serve are created by masters who understand every part of the anago, from their head to tail. All their skills and knowledge are used to handcraft these exquisite dishes.

We purchase seasonal anago (conger eel).

We purchase our anago (conger eel) from Setouchi (Japan’s inland sea) in spring, then from Edo-mae (Tokyo bay) from early summer. From late summer, our anago come from the Joban region and Sendai, then from Tsushima in winter. All anago are cooked with seasonal natural products to maximize their flavor.