Nihonbashi Tamai
Anago (conger eel) specialty restaurant

Our restaurant is Anago (conger eel) specialty restaurant in the Edo-mae (old Tokyo) style. Our skillful chefs prepare our signature boxed hakomeshi. You can choose from niage (simmered anago) for a soft, fluffy texture or yakiage (grilled anago) for a smoky flavor. Enjoy a variety of dishes that our culinary artists will prepare for you.

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Nihonbashi Tamai 日本橋 玉ゐ(たまい)、
箱めし 中箱

About hakomeshi

Our signature boxed hakomeshi dishes come in two different styles. You can enjoy the soft, fluffy texture of niage (simmered conger eel) or the smoky flavor of yakiage (grilled conger eel).

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Tamai's Menu

Enjoy a variety of anago (conger eel) dishes cooked with pride at our specialty restaurant.


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Conger cuisine specialty store Tamai あなご専門店 玉ゐ