Hakomeshi 箱めし 中箱

Hakomeshi, our signature dish

Hakomeshi come in two different styles, niage and yakiage. You can enjoy the soft, fluffy texture of niage (simmered conger eel) or the smoky flavor of yakiage (grilled conger eel). Three sizes of boxed hakomeshi are available: small, medium, and large. For those concerned about small bones, we recommend the meso hakomeshi, made from smaller anago. Or why not try our ikada hakomeshi, a special raft-style boxed dish, limited to our Ginza store?

How to enjoy our boxed hakomeshi

Make Your Selection

Step 1

Make your selection

Choose from four options: small, medium, large, or meso Hakomeshi, then choose niage (simmered) or yakiage (grilled) finish. Those choosing medium, large, or meso hakomeshi may also choose ainose, which includes both styles.

To begin, please enjoy the taste of the Anago and rice.

Step 2

First sample the dish without adding any further flavoring

Enjoy the marriage of anago and rice with the concentrated taste of anago sauce, unique to our restaurant.

five Seasonings

Step 3

Add spices

You can choose from five kinds of spice: yuzu (Japanese citrus), sesame, wasabi, leek, and sansho pepper. You can experience how the flavor changes with the unique character of each spice.

Make Ochazuke

Make ochazuke (rice in broth)

Pour the special soup stock from the fragrant grilled anago bones into the boxed rice to make ochazuke. Our soup stock is a popular additional order. Enjoy the ochazuke to complete your meal.

Step 4

Styles of anago (conger eel)


Niage (simmered)

Enjoy the soft meat of simmered anago (conger eel).


Yakiage (grilled)

Enjoy the savory, smoky flavor of grilled anago (conger eel).

Types of Hakomeshi


Kobako(Small Box)

For the style, you can choose niage (simmered) or yakiage (grilled).


Chubako (Medium Box)

For the style, you can choose niage (simmered), yakiage (grilled), or ainose (a mixture of both).

Oh-bako,Large box,Anago,Conger

Ohbako (large box)

The large box is filled with rice and includes additional anago. For the style, you can choose niage (simmered), yakiage (grilled), or ainose (a mixture of both).

Meso Hakomeshi

Meso hakomeshi

Uses smaller anago (conger eel). Recommended for those concerned about small bones. For the style, you can choose niage (simmered), yakiage (grilled), or ainose (a mixture of both).

IKADA HAkomeshi,Conger,Anago

Ikada hakomeshi

Limited to our Ginza store. We prepare three top-quality medium-size anago, which are first simmered and then broiled. Finally, they are arranged like a raft (ikada) in a box. The dish has a rich texture and fewer small bones.

San-nose Hakomeshi

San-nose hakomeshi

Limited to our Muromachi store. A selection of our three styles of anago: niage (simmered), yakiage (grilled), and kabayaki (broiled). Contains only the finest anago and has fewer small bones.



Limited to the main store. This Hakomeshi uses a thick conger eel with a body length of about 70 cm and a small conger eel called "meso". You can enjoy each texture and taste.

Hakomeshi pine bamboo plum

pine bamboo plum

Limited to LaQua store. There are three types of delicious boxed rice: pine, bamboo, and plum. Enjoy the deliciousness of chopped conger eel.

In addition to hakomeshi dishes, we also prepare various other anago dishes.
Enjoy our finest anago dishes, which are unique to our specialty restaurant.