Ningyocho branch

At the Aoki site, there has been a long-established pufferfish restaurant in continuous operation for three generations since the Showa era.
We wish to be reborn as a long-established restaurant in the Reiwa era.

Limited to our Ningyocho store, our Nedoko hakomeshi box contains a thick piece of anago (conger eel) that is about 70 cm long.
We also place anago on a bed of fluffy tamagoyaki (Japanese style omelet).
You can choose two styles of anago: niage (simmered) or yakiage (grilled).


1-11-8 Nihonbashi, Ningyocho, Chuo ward, Tokyo 103-0027


We will be closed until September 30th.


(Access) 1 minute walk from Tokyo Metro Suitengumae station exit 8,
2 minute walk from Ningyocho station exit A2

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Conger cuisine specialty store Tamai あなご専門店 玉ゐ